Ocho the Socktopus

What's a Socktopus?  An octopus made out of a sock, of course!  This easy no-sew project was a big hit in my classroom as we learned the 2 sounds of O.  Eric came up with name "Ocho" which we immediately loved, not to mention that it gets the long O sound in there.

We used new, men's tube socks for the classroom, but this project could be easily made with any size and color of sock, as demonstrated above with one of Frankie's polka-dotted baby socks.

OK, Phoebe will now show you how to make one.
 Step 1.  Stuff the sock with stuffing. 
 Step 2:  Once your head is a good size, bind it off with a twisty tie.  This was Phoebe's genius idea.  I was going to use a rubber band, but she couldn't do it independently.  She suggested "one of those twisty things."  Cut up chenille strips would also be great here.
 Step 3:  Cut 8 legs.  This is the trickiest part.  The legs can get skinny and fall off, we just tied them back on.  The kids in my class took a long time to do this, especially those who don't have strong scissor skills.  They wanted to make a socktopus so bad, though, they kept on trying.
 Step 4:  Decorate with sharpies or fabric markers.  If you have time, google eyes would be fun here.
 Step 5:  Say "Hi" to Ocho!
Here they are hanging in my classroom.  This project was a huge success!  It took each kid about 30 minutes to make one.  We also watched this cool video of an octopus to get us started. 

Here's the set-up in the classroom. I did a step-by-step using the photos I took of Phoebe.

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