We Grew a Butterfly!

A little caterpillar was munching on the dill in the garden. Phoebe and I decided to keep it and see if we could watch it turn into a butterfly. We found a big pickle jar and put in sticks for it to crawl around on. For a top, I used plastic wrap with holes punched out.

The jar sat by Phoebe's bed for about a week. Each day we gave it some fresh dill and watched it - a lot. One night it was a caterpillar and the next morning, it turned into a chrysalis. Then, after another week, Phoebe yelled, "Something exciting has happened!" Indeed - the butterfly was out of the chrysalis gently flapping its wings on a stick.
It's a beautiful butterfly. We took it outside and watched it for awhile.
Finally, I gently lifted out the stick and butterfly flit, fluttered away. Goodbye little butterfly!

While we don't have a planned butterfly garden, I did notice that there was a good article and resources over at KidsGardening about them.


nikki/WhiMSy love said...

How fun!

Neha J said...

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5orangepotatoes said...

Wonderful! It's such a great experience for the kids too (and mamas). Good job giving it fresh dill daily.