Classroom Loom

At the end of the school year I purchased this classroom loom. We tried it out during camp and the kids loved it. I just let them weave scraps through the loom and have fun with it. Here 2 kids are working together, but I think it could hold 4 kids at a time.

Next year, I'll cut strips for them to make it easier and more even. Once they get the hang of it, we can be more creative. I imagine using lots of found materials and different textures - so many possibilities.

For the price, the loom is a real value and seems sturdy and well made. I recently saw these frame looms, which look intriguing. For books, I like Kids Weaving and have always aspired to make the PVC pipe loom featured in the book, but you know how that goes. Also, the new Living Crafts issue has an article about a garden loom. We might need that too.

When I was setting up the loom, a former student came into the room and exclaimed, "First a tapestry table, now a giant loom?! What's next?!"

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Scott said...

This is fantastic. I want one of those.