Blueberry Time

Summertime means blueberry picking to me. Each year, I anxiously await the notice from Nesbit Blueberry Farm that it's time. This year, I went twice! Picking fruit and veggies yourself and with kids is just fun. Find out where to go in your area.

What will I do with all of my plump, yummy berries? We freeze ours so that Eric can make blueberry pancakes all year long. Then, I search for recipes.

This year, I got a copy of Put 'em Up! and have been staring at it non-stop. It's really a canning Bible. We made the blueberry leather (like a fruit roll-up) and while I'll admit that mine didn't turn out exactly right, it was fun and tastes good. I can't wait to try more recipes using my CSA veggies.

My all-time favorite blueberry recipe is the Martha's blueberry buckle. It's so, so good - especially for breakfast. Yum....

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