Camp - Day 5

Today's theme was food!
We stitched up snack bags and filled them with a tasty mix that had something for everyone. These little bags are so useful and easy to make. They are just made out of cotton fabric, so you can't store food in them for too long, but they will keep most things fresh from morning to snack or lunch. You could also use PUL fabric, though.

A quick how to -
1. Cut 1 piece of fabric. My pattern is 14 inches x 6 1/2 inches. (the pouch is about the size of a sandwich baggie.)
2. Fold the bottom up so there is about 2 inches left at the top. You can pin fabric in place if you need to.
3. Start sewing at one corner with a whipstitch and keep sewing all around to the other corner. This way, the top edges will be sewn and not fray as easily.
4. Add stick-on Velcro. Put one piece on the top. Now, fold the pouch down so that it overlaps the bottom opening a little and you have a fold at the opening. You don't want the snacks to fall out. Press the Velcro down hard so it will stay. (We discovered that a little ironing here will melt the adhesive just enough to make it stick really well.)
5. Add snacks!

The whole project took the kids less than an hour. Some made several to use in their lunchboxes.
Snack Time! I put out bowls filled with various ingredients. Each bowl had a specific measuring utensil, so they knew exactly how much to get of each - 1 scoop of each ingredient. I used cheerios, pretzels, raisins, and chocolate chips.

Other food items were made as well such as the Cookie Coin Keeper. It's like the Pocket Full of Gold only in a circle shape. There were some really cute cookies made and I wish I had taken pictures of them all...
A donut made for a father's day gift - love it!
This felt hamburger was a stroke of genius - put together with Velcro for playtime fun. I'll have to show you a detailed account of it later.

Although camp is over, my posts aren't! I have a lot of great kid-made projects to still show you.

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