Snowflakes That Stay

We had snow in Memphis - real snow!
Of course, it never stays for long, so we went indoors to make our own snowflakes.

Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes tutorial for you!

Materials Needed: 2 pipe cleaners cut in half (or 4 halves), beads

How To: The pictures below I hope you will find helpful, but here's the basic directions. Make a cross with 2 pipe cleaner halves. Wrap one of the pipe cleaners around the other in the middle. Add another pipe cleaner and wrap around the middle. Do the same for the fourth one. Add beads! You can also put a little ornament hook on the top for hanging if you like.

Don't worry if your snowflake isn't perfect - remember, no two snowflakes are alike!

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kristin said...

i love that..."real snow" you're welcome to some of ours :)