DIY Pine Cone Bird Feeder

We made the classic pine cone bird feeder last week in our cooking center. As soon as the kids saw the "ingredients" they knew just what to do. So I didn't bore them with my lengthy directions.
I set the table with everything they needed - birdseed, cheerios, peanut butter, pine cones, plates, napkins, and spreading knives. The pine cones already had yarn tied to them - I just wrapped the yarn around a few times and left it untied for easy hanging.
They immediately got to work. Everyone had their own version of how to make the perfect feeder.
Peanut butter was usually added first. Some kids put on gobs, while others just did one side. One kid carefully spread it under the little eaves of the pine cone.
Next came the bird seed and cheerios. Are you a roller or a placer? Maybe both?
After the bird feeder was complete, everyone wrote their own recipe.

We hung them around the school. Hope the birds find them!

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