A Box of Their Own

For young sewers, having a sewing box of their very own is very important - and exciting. The tools and thread are just right for little hands and favorite colors are included. I was thrilled to see that Playful Learning included Sewing School as a resource for children's sewing kits and supplies. See the "In the Child's Sewing Basket" link on the sidebar for my ideas.

Recently, Phoebe got her very own sewing kit. She loves getting it out and making gifts for friends. Her sewing kit is in a simple, blank cardboard pencil box that she decorated herself and calls her "Sewing I ♥" box. You can get one for your little sewer too at my Fussbudget Etsy store. I am working on adding new items - mostly supplies for little sewers and a few handmade goodies.

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Mariah said...

I love it! Thanks for the mention :)