Veggie Prints

So simple yet so satisfying. Everyone should make a fruit and veggie print picture. We are getting ready to visit Whitton Farms next week, hence the rebirth of this activity.
Cut a selection of fruits and vegetables into pieces. We found it easier to have a place to keep them in like this tub.
Paint the veggie lightly. For small pieces, you can just dip and then blot on a paper towel before printing. After several experiments, we discovered that much better prints were achieved by painting the veggies. When the kids just dipped them, the prints got all gloppy.
Press down on paper really hard.
Lift up and marvel at your creation! I also supplied the kids with paper towels to rub off the paint before they put it back in the tub. This way, the colors didn't get too muddled.

I had brainstormed cloth print ideas - like making cloth napkins, coasters, veggie bag holders, or a placemat, but we had a short week and ran out of time. May try one of those ideas for Thanksgiving, though.

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