Fall DIY Crafts

In the Fall-themed science lab, I set out "ingredients" for 2 crafts. The idea was to provide new materials but not specific instructions and let the kids create.

This is the first tray.

Fall-themed pictures such as trees, candy corn, turkeys, leaves, and even a cat were created.

Here is the second stored in a shoe box:

This box invited kids to make leaf rubbings and turn them into books. Some did the same leaf several times in different colors, others numbered the pages and wrote words, one kid just filled the page with colorful leaves.

Both the class and I enjoyed these DIY craft projects. When they asked, "What do we do?" I responded, "What do you want to do?"


pink and green mama MaryLea said...

I love that you left this creative center up to the kids and without any examples of what a finished product should look like!! Way to go : )
Have a great weekend.

C. Jaeger said...

Lucky students! Thanks for sharing these ideas!

Amie Plumley said...

Thanks, guys! I'm enjoying seeing what you're up to too!