Boo! Windsocks

Every Friday we meet with our Third Grade Reading Buddies to share books and activities. This week, we made Boo! Windsocks - they were a spooktacular hit!
We just set out a ton of construction paper, scraps, crape paper, and tools (stapler, scissors, glue sticks, hole punch, string) and let the kids create.
I made a quick pumpkin and bat for examples and gave minimal directions - this is really one of those crafts that can be easily figured out.
The best part was watching the 3rd graders assist their buddies - they were so patient and helpful. Really, the only teacher job was refilling the staplers and helping to tie the string.
My only tip is to decorate the windsock (a piece of construction paper) before making a cylinder. It's much easier that way.

If you are looking for more quick and easy Halloween crafts, check out Pink and Green Mama for some fun ideas!

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