Tapesty - Beads!

This week, we added beads to the tapestry. I loved seeing how the kids incorporated them into the work. Some sewed the beads tight to the burlap while others strung several beads together on a long string so that you could move them across the table.
The hardest part was learning how to sew on beads. First, you have to push the needle and yarn up from under the burlap. Then you add the beads to your needle. Also, to make them stay in place, you have to sew down afterward. This exercise is a great introduction to sewing on buttons.
Maeve was very proud of this little pink bead!

The tapestry will be a work in progress until we decide it's complete.


courtney said...

i'm SO SO happy i found your blog!
we're homeschooling & i've been wanting to start teaching sewing. i love your ideas. i really want that tapestry table!

thanks so much for sharing!

Amie Plumley said...

Courtney, we're glad you found us! Sewing with kids is the best!