Threading the Needle

Let's start at the very beginning...I thought I'd take you through a few of the learning/organizational process that Andria and I did to make our Sewing School Camp run smoother.
In the past, we threaded countless needles throughout the week. It seemed like that's all we did. This week, we decided that it was time that kids learned to become independent sewers. We taught how to use a LoRan Needle Threader. This is the best threader I have used with kids- it's durable and easy for small hands to manipulate.
We broke the camp into small groups and Ms. Andria taught how to thread needles, tie knots, and cut thread. After successfully threading a needle, the camper got to made a medal to put on the "Honor Roll." This silly little incentive made a big difference.
Our needles? We use chenille size 22, sharp point. They have large eyes, but are sharp enough to sew through fabrics easily.

Next up - thread!


Kim in Idaho said...

Thank you for sharing your tips and projects. I am teaching my daughter (7yr) how to sew this summer and I am loving your posts.

Amie Plumley said...

That's so great that you're passing on sewing to your little one! Keep us posted on how she does. Glad the tips are helping.