New Favorite Game

Playing Cinderella is a lot of fun, especially if you get to be the Wicked Stepmother and make poor Cinderella clean the windows. They haven't been so sparkly in ages!

We are trying to get into a summer rhythm of pool, play, and work. I recently came across Wise Craft's Summer Rules which inspired me to think of my own.
1. Go outside everyday (especially in the morning before it gets too hot)
2. Do arts and crafts
3. Only 1 hour of TV a day
4. No interrupting when Mom is working or on the phone (very hard rule!)
5. Try to do it yourself first
6. Rest for 2 hours each day

There's probably more I could add, but that's a good start. Do you have Summertime rules?


dongdong said...

yep, ours is pretty similar. We all have hard time getting up early enough for cool morning walk but luckily our community have structured playground program so I don't have to be outside with them myself and they do arts/craft and more with the kids each day. :)I'd add lots of swimming and free play for my family.

pucktricks said...

Don't forget drink lots of fluids. We have 105 degree weather here.

Amie Plumley said...

Yes, water is a must! You must live in the South as well? We are melting here in Memphis!

Andria Lisle said...

Can Phoebe come clean my windows? Please??

Amie Plumley said...

I'll send her over - she works for popsicles.

youthlarge said...

that photo of miss phoebe is too much.