Recycled Sewing Projects

In this photo, the New Orleans Craft Mafia takes their mission to the streets -- well, actually to a festival on Bayou St. John!

According to this article from New Orleans' daily newspaper, the Times-Picayune, a team of crafters used three solar powered sewing machines to transform donated t-shirts into halter tops, patchwork skirts, and handy tote bags.

"By 3 p.m., the crafters had sewn at least 100 new creations from the donated shirts, and the line wasn't slacking," wrote the T-P's fashion editor, Susan Langenhennig. "The program had elements of both Project Runway and Molly Ringwald's homespun prom dress from the movie, Pretty In Pink."

For more recycled sewing ideas, check out the New Orleans Craft Mafia.

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