...for gardening. Phoebe (4 years) and Frankie (14months) are so into it. Maybe they'll even try some of the yummy veggies we grow (a mom can hope, right?!).

The kids squealed with delight over all the earthworms we uncovered while tilling the soil. I was excited to see so many, too. Watching the worms wiggle, I had to share with you this great book that Andria lent me last year: The Earth Moved: On the Remarkable Achievements of Earthworms by Amy Stewart. Who knew that earthworms were so exciting? Amy Stewart's effortless writing really made this book a page turner. A quick look at our public library shows 5 copies - so maybe you can pick a copy up at your library as well. For kids, I am smitten with The Chicken and the Worm by Page McBrier. I got this book from my PK-K Heifer International Teacher's kit. While the Heifer link doesn't indicate it, I received my teacher's kit around the first of the year.

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