Book Me For You

Do you get it? "Book me for you?" It's a bookmark, see?
Not just any bookmark, either. This one was designed by Caroline during Sewing Club.
She wrote out directions so that others could make her bookmark (translated below):
1. Get any kind of thick fabric.
2. Cut in any shape.
3. Cut a thick line.
4. And sign-up for the sewing machine.
5. Sew both shapes on the line.
6. And you got it.

Caroline, 1st grader, carefully sewing her bookmark. I loved how she referred to her own directions during the process.
This is what it looks like. And yes, other kids did follow her directions and make their own versions of Book Me For You.
Other patterns have been made as well - I'll be sure to post soon! This deserves a new label: kid-made patterns.

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