Creative Classroom: Story Quilt

To finish our unit on quilts and work on story comprehension and retelling, we decided to make our very own story quilt. To make things easier, we read a classic fairytale and then gave each child a specific part of the story to illustrate on a 5x5 square. Someone was "My what big eyes you have, Grandma!" while another was "the wolf swallowed Little Red Riding Hood whole."
After the squares were finished, we put all 19 in sequential order. They loved finding the other parts of the story and "reading" the quilt.
What's next? Well, we hope to continue to retell the story and share it with other classes. One idea is to have the kids write a sentence about their squares. Our Spanish teacher is also excited to use it to have the kids retell Caperucita Roja in Spanish!


The Speece Family said...

Appreciate the good ideas and enthusiasm here! I mentioned your blog today as we made a paper quilt for the letter "Q." Thanks!

dongdong said...

That is awesome. First I thought that was done by one child, then I read closer and realized it was a collaboration. What great team work!