More Valentine's Day Projects

Over at Martha Stewart, there's a "Felted Heart Scarf" that can be made from discarded wool sweaters, felt, or fleece. It's a great "Wear" project for beginning sewers, who can get lots of practice with the scissors (cutting out all those hearts!) and sewing simple "x's" with embroidery thread.

The Crafty Crow has links to several great Valentine's Day projects up already, including these "Woven Hearts" (courtesy of Maya Made), which could be made from fabric or paper. Instead of gluing, you can make a treat bag by whipstitch 2 finished hearts together, leaving an opening at the top.

If you've got a younger brother or sister, you could make them a Valentine's Day Busy Book (courtesy of Lavender and Limes), which mainly involves sewing on lots and lots of buttons, and cutting out felt shapes.

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