How do you store your sewing supplies?

Christmas might be over, but this Ecrulat sewing kit, which is available from Superbuzzy, is already on my list for next year.

I have a ton of sewing supplies, most of which are stored in various-sized bottles and baskets on an Ikea bookshelf in my guest bedroom. I found a tiny set of drawers, which is home to my embroidery supplies, and use a series of glass jars that my grandmother bought as a souvenir in Italy for buttons, rickrack, and ribbon. A cardboard suitcase holds small scraps, and glue, yarn, felt, and other supplies are kept in an old kitchen cabinet that serves as a table.

Having everything so spread out isn't always convenient, but I know where everything is. Well, most of the time!

Do you have a sewing basket or a sewing shelf in your house?

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