From the linen closet

Just the other day, Amie and I were discussing fabric as we sorted through our piles and piles of it. One thing we both love about Sewing School is that it doesn't have to cost a lot of money - while it's fun to buy new fabric (here's Superbuzzy, one of my favorite online shops for imported Japanese fabric), you can recycle and reuse stuff around the house like old sheets, outgrown clothing, and even raggedy beach towels. I'm always removing buttons from stained shirts, and repurposing my worn-out blue jeans for new denim-friendly projects.

Just be sure to ask a grown-up for permission first. One year, I narrowly escaped big trouble when I destroyed the slip for my Easter dress to make a wedding gown for my stuffed rabbit!

Also be sure to keep your eagle eye open for items like this Matryoshka Tapestry, offered by Urban Outfitters. It's $36, but as you can see in the photos, it's big enough to fit a queen-sized bed, so it should provide enough fabric for dozens of projects! And it's incredibly cute...

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