Book Swap

Our school recently had it's annual Book Swap - I must admit that I get a little giddy every year as I walk into the auditorium filled with boxes and boxes of books. This year I found some really great books for myself, although I'm claiming that they are for school...

Have you seen this book? One of my fellow teachers remembers it fondly; however, it's out of print. Pixiegenne has mentioned it as well. I love the "stitchery" in it and hope that it may inspire work on our next tapestry.

This book was in the hands of the above mentioned fellow teacher when she caught me drooling and so sweetly gave it to me. I am in love with the wonderful illustrations and silly riddles.

This is my favorite.
What is the best way to make pants last?

Make the coat first. (ha ha!)

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beinred said...

I found a wonderful book that, like A Child's Garden of Verses, is illustrated with Stitchery by Virgina Tiffany. You can see images from it here: