Embroidery Lessons

My favorite day in Sewing School is the day we break out the embroidery hoops! We typically have enough hoops for 6-8 sewers at a time to embroider. At first, the kids seem pretty overwhelmed by the idea of painting a picture with their needle and thread. Then they realize the sky's the limit, and we have students embroidering portraits of their pets, flowers, and their names on muslin that they can later applique to pillows, purses, shirts, or skirts. At Sewing Camp this summer, I brought in a copy of Sublime Stitching for inspiration and hands-on use. Butterflies, scotty dogs, and cats are always in high demand! After awhile, I tend to resort to tracing the pictures instead of ironing them on - it's easier (and faster) than wrangling a hot iron in a roomful of kids. Amie and I also encourage our sewers to draw - on paper first, to eliminate "do overs" - their own pictures to embroidery.

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