Web Project: Cloth Books

During Sewing Camp, Amie encouraged sewers to try to create their own fabric books, using scraps, embroidery, and simple pen-and-ink to tell a short story. She brought in a great vintage cloth baby book (a score from a library sale) for inspiration...

Via the ever-popular Decor8, I just discovered an advanced sewer, based in France, who is creating similar books and selling them on Etsy. Isn't this book, a "pocket fairy tale" called Lulu Leloup Turns Blue, adorable?

Sewing a story of your own creation could feel like a major acomplishment. I still remember my circa early 1970s babysitter, Kris Brandt, helping me handmake a book using magic marker and wallpaper scraps. I was so excited to "author" my first publication!

Of course, good ol' Martha Stewart, crafter extrordinaire, has instructions for a felt "quiet" book right here. It's an advanced project, but it should help inspire our Sewing School regulars!

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Team Plumley said...

I really, really want one of these books! Too cute!