I made it myself!

After each skirt was made, it was immediately modeled. Comments such as "I made it myself" and "That's so cute!" were heard around the room.

Making skirts was a big deal in camp. A real big deal. While a simple process, the end result is huge.

I made a poster board pattern that the girls traced with chalk on the fabric twice then cut out. Next came the fun - sewing on the machine with Miss Andria! The girls got to "step on the gas pedal" while Andria sewed. After sewing the side seams, Andria did a quick hem and casing.

The skirt was then brought to me for elastic. I used a bodkin to thread the elastic through and hand sewed the elastic together. Some of the girls were a whiz with the bodkin.

If we had a smaller group and more time, we would have gotten the campers sewing on the machine and taken more care in making hems; however, for our purposes, the skirts were perfect!

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mary said...

love all the skirts. what a fun project.