Rainbow Fish

 One of my favorite children's books is Rainbow Fish.  Such a sweet story of giving and friendship.  A perfect message for little sewers.  This week during Sew Me a Story, we stitched up our own little rainbow fish.
 The project is quite simple and uses preschool friendly materials such as plastic canvas, thin craft foam (purchased from Dollar Tree), 1 silver foam sheet, tapestry needles (size 18), and craft thread.  Besides the foam, I purchased all the materials at my local craft store.
 The kids loved cutting out the fish scales!  They went to town cutting up the foam sheets.
Cut out a basic fish shape from the plastic canvas.  Starting at the tail end, begin to sew on the fish scales.  Each rainbow fish got 1 shiny scale, just like the book.
 After weeks of using plastic needles, the kids felt so grown up sewing with "real" needles.  Tapestry needles, size 18 are just right for small hands and easily sew through the thin craft foam.  The silver foam was much thicker, so I punched holes in the shiny scales.
Once finished, a googly eye was hot glued in place and a chenille strip began a perfect hanger.  I know the kids will enjoy hanging their rainbow fish on a doorknob or in their rooms.

Each one was unique, just like the little maker.

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