Sewn Sock Bunnies

Right before the Easter break, we stitched up these funny sock bunnies.  I have made these simple no-sew ones in the past, but decided to finally try out Kristen's sock bunnies.  Ours turned out a little different because we used a different kind of sock, but the ears are the same!
Read the post at Kleas for cutting the sock, but you basically just lay the sock flat so that the heel is sticking up, then cut through both layers from the toe to the heel.  The heel is then the face.  Sewing up the ears was a little tricky and you have to be very careful around the curve.  The kids did great, though, and repaired any holes after stuffing.

Stuffing the ears took some patience.  Once I showed them how to use just a little bit of stuffing and to push it up with their thumbs or a pencil, we had success!

The best part was decorating!  This is where my class got super creative and began to name their bunnies and give them personalities.
Many students wanted to embroider the face, which I loved! 
Happy Spring!

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