Learning with Dr. Seuss

 Dr. Seuss day is big deal at my school, for good reason.  We can learn a lot from the Dr. such as caring for the earth and each other, trying new foods, word families, and tongue twisters.  I was a little nervous coming up with activities for my group of second graders, but soon found that Seuss fit into every aspect of the curriculum. 
Who knew compound sentences could be so much fun?!  Using silly Dr. Seuss images as inspiration, the kids wrote compound sentences about them.  The entire second grade filled the hall with fun sentences.
 We are learning how to correctly combine two sentences to make a compound sentence using commas and conjunctions. 

Our new science unit focuses on plants.  What better way to kick it off than making Lorax pots?!  We will plant our seeds in them after Spring Break.  Before making our pots, we read the book and talked a lot about the importance of plants and a healthy environment. 
 After designing and cutting out the Lorax mustache, the kids had fun hot gluing the face onto the pot.
 Each Lorax is unique and fun!
Our door is filled with Dr. Seuss doubling math stories!  As part of our math unit, we discussed doubling and how it relates to multiplication.  The kids had fun imagining Dr. Seuss characters doubling right before their eyes!

We also wrote silly OO (as in foot) poems to go along with our phonics study this week.  I didn't take pictures of the results, but the tongue twisters and rhymes were right out of a Dr. Seuss book!  Can you guess what a "Yook on a hook" looks like!?

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