Little Tooth Toothfairy Pillow

With so many kindergarteners and first graders in Sewing Club, we had to make a toothfairy pillow. In the shape of a tooth, of course!
 This little project was designed to be completed in under an hour and lend itself to creativity. 
I found this wonderful, symmetrical drawing of a tooth and sized it to fit on half a fabric square.  The kids traced the pattern twice onto felt. 
After cutting out the teeth, a pocket was added to one side.  The kids designed their own pockets and often chose to decorate both sides of the pillow.
Once decorated, the two teeth were stitched together, stuffed, and hugged tight! 
 I loved how this little sewer turned the tooth pattern on its head and made some sweet bunny rabbits!
Now all that's left is to loose another tooth.

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