Snowmen Stuffies

I had to share these adorable stuffed snowmen that were stitched up by Mrs. Shannon's kindergarten class.  They look so cute hanging from her ceiling.  Bonus for me, Frankie is in her class this year and I can't wait until he brings his snowman home!
She had a basic snowman shape out of white felt for the kids to decorate using felt scraps and buttons.  The felt scraps were glued on using craft glue while the buttons were sewn on.  Next, they sewed up the snowman and stuffed it.  Last, came the hat.  It's a separate piece made from black felt.  The hat was sewn together, stuffed, and stitched onto the snowman.
While they did take a lot of work, the results are fantastic!  Each snowman reflects the individual child's personality and allowed the kids to work on a project over a time period.  So many times, we are looking for instant gratification.  It's nice to have a project that takes time and patience to complete.

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