Locker Chalkboard

 This variation of the Locker Pocket was big hit in Sewing Club.  Instead of making the big photo frame pocket, a piece of chalk cloth was added.  Perfect for jotting down quick notes between classes!
 Here's the basic layout.  A square of chalk cloth at the top with a few little pockets on the bottom.  A small pocket is needed for holding a piece of chalk.  A medium sized pocket is good for other little items or an eraser.  Ribbon cut 12 inches makes a perfect hanger.

The best eraser is a scrap of felt.  We made ours by attaching a rectangle of felt to a piece of craft thread.  It works like a charm and is there when you need it.  Some decided to put a scrap of felt in a pocket.
 This project has so many variations - no two look alike.  I love the heart owl on the one above.
About using chalk cloth:  While chalk cloth is a ton of fun, young sewers may have trouble sewing it onto the felt because it's quite thick.  These examples are from my Advanced Sewing group of 3rd and 4th graders who had fun using the sewing machines.  While you can buy chalk cloth at a variety of fabric stores, we got ours at Oilcloth Addict, which had awesome customer service and has a great selection.


Kelly said...

I am so in love with your project!! Tell the kids that they all did a great job!

Amie Plumley said...

Thanks Kelly! The wonders of Chalk Cloth...