Hands and Foot Reindeer

 A holiday classic!

I put basic directions on the pocket chart and the kids had fun creating their own reindeer.  We had lots of Rudolphs in the class.  This would be a fun project for a party or during class.

Materials:  brown paper (about 2 pieces per reindeer), red or black paper scraps, google eyes (although several of my students wanted to draw them on with black marker), glue, and scissors. 

1. Trace 1 foot & 2 hands.
2.  Cut them out.
3.  Glue the hands to the toes of the foot.
4.  Add a red or black nose.  Glue nose to the heel of the foot.
5.  Add eyes.
I love how they all turned out!


Rochelle said...

This is so simple, but so great for the kids! Thanks for all your wonderful ideas... we homeschool and your site is often a resource for us!

Amie Plumley said...

Thanks, Rochelle! I hope your kids have fun making them!

Make handmade said...

So fun! my kids love it very much! thanks for sharing.