For the Birds

 Last week was "gift week"  we worked like little elves to make gifts for others.  As you know, young children can have a hard time getting their minds off of what they want and focus on others.  I think it's so important to give them opportunities to make and give to others. 

One of our activities was making little bird feeders.  I love the classic pine cone/peanut butter bird feeder, but with a peanut allergy in the room, we moved on to plan B inspired by this breakfast bird feeder.
Our bird food was stale bread, craisens and cheerios.   We used our sewing skills by stringing with plastic needles.  They slid right through the ingredients.
I started them off with yarn anchored with a cheerio and they threaded the needles and designed their own feeders.  If time allowed, they wrote the "recipe" of how they were made.
 Later, we walked around campus and strung them up.  To our delight, we noticed that many had been nibbled the next day!
Everyone felt good about their accomplishment.  To get us in the bird feeding spirit, we read Stranger in the Woods and Counting to Christmas found in our school library. 

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kristin said...

thank you for this lovely idea...i'll definitely be using this at the preschool in January.