This Week at Sewing Club

Sewing Club is held in a roomy kindergarten classroom filled with a variety of tables, bean bags, and little spaces.  It's always fun to see where the kids chose to sew and how they break off into little sewing groups.

Here are sewing scenes my camera caught this week.


TheFitz6 said...

First- I just love your blog and have been following for quite sometime
Second- I have been meaning to comment that I was a student at GSL from 1979-1986(grades 1-6) and have such fond memories of a wonderful school. Keep up up the great work with your students and sewing club. I have your book on my Christmas list!

Amie Plumley said...

Thanks for your comment TheFitz6! It's so fun to hear from a GSL alum. I don't know if you've been back lately, but the school is still as sweet as ever.