Let the Sewing Begin!

I shouldn't have been surprised, after all, I do have a reputation as the "sewing teacher" but when a student asked if she could sew on the second day of school, I gave a stammered, "I guess so..."  You see, I wasn't quite ready for sewing yet.  While I had a selection of fabric scraps out in the art center, my sewing basket wasn't put together the way I like it.  We didn't have project bags to store work in either.  However, you know that I could not disappoint an eager sewer.

As soon as she began to sew the table quickly filled up with eager crafters and curious onlookers.  Pillows became the project of choice and we just cut fabric into rectangles and began to sew.  I was amazed at how quickly some of the kids caught on.  We even had a pillow completed by the end of morning time. 
The next morning, several kids came in eager to finish projects.   A group of boys had discovered a small piece of Memphis Grizzlies fabric and were anxious to make pillows too.  I understand how the right fabric can inspire.
I just got back from the fabric store with a selection of sports and other new fabrics.  I can't wait to see what they make next.

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