Sew a Felt Carrot

Andria and I recently stitched up this simple stuffed carrots at the Cooper Young Farmer's Market.  They were such a hit, I thought you and your little crew might want to make some too.

There are a lot of stuffed veggie patterns out there, but this one is super simple and easy enough for even beginning sewers to find successful. 

My lovely assistant Miss Phoebe will show you how.
Supplies - An orange felt triangle.  Cut it nice and wide because you will fold it over.  Green felt for the leaves.  You will also need stuffing and a basic sewing kit.
Step 1:  Fold over your orange triangle so you have a point at the bottom.  It looks like a carrot already!
Step 2:  Cut a long piece of thread so that it will sew up the whole carrot.  Stitch up the long side.  Start at the point.  When you get to the top, take off the needle, but don't cut the thread.  You can sew with a running stitch or whipstitch.
Step 3:  Stuff your carrot!  If it's hard to get down to the point, use a chopstick or the eraser end of a pencil to push down the stuffing.
 Step 4:  Cut your green leaves.  Tuck them into the stuffing part of the carrot.
 Step 4:  Rethread your needle and sew across the top of the carrot using a running stitch.
 You have a stuffed felt carrot!
After making a carrot, Phoebe started cutting out shapes of different veggies and sewing and stuffing them together.  This simple project is sure to get your little gardener going!

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