Sew It's Your Birthday!

 For our annual school auction, my fellow Sewing Club teachers and I offered to host a Sewing Birthday Party.  We provided the materials, know-how, and a few treats for up to 2 hours.  The birthday girl or boy could invite 10 friends and help choose a project.  The party was very popular at the auction and I hear that a bidding war occurred!

Our birthday girl, Tess, was the lucky winner (thanks to her grandma!).  Since she was turning 10 and is no stranger to sewing, I expected her to want to make an i-pod case or even skirts.  In fact, you might recognize this cutie from the Sewing School book - she's featured in the My Very Own Skirt project.

Anyway, her choice of project was the Stuffie!  One that she has been making since kindergarten.  I was surprised by her choice and curious to see how the project would be received by her friends. 
 Everyone loved it!  The party goers were excited to make something that allowed them to showcase their individual styles and sense of creativity.  Plus, they are so soft and cute!

As party planners, we were happy - the set-up was easy.  We pre-cut pieces of muslin about the size of a sheet of paper and set the table with fabric markers and crayons as well as scissors and pencils.  We also had several needles threaded and ready to go.
 We helped the girls add a backing piece of felt and cut around the Stuffie shape.  Really, it was very easy and the kids had fun chatting and laughing as they sewed.
 For the party food, Mrs. Shannon, sewing treat maker extraordinaire, decorated cupcakes with chocolate buttons. 
She even make an edible sewing kit!  Don't you love it?!  They were packaged in sweet glassine bags.  She got most of her chocolate molds at Bake It Pretty, but there are loads of sources out there.
Throwing a sewing party is not only easy, but super fun for everyone!  Just make sure you have all your materials ready to go and have a project that is doable and independent for your age group.  I can't wait until our next one!


Miss Sews-it-all said...

What a fabulous idea! And love the edible sewing decorations, too!

katie jean said...

I am going to have to get me those chocolate molds! My girl wants a sewing birthday party, but now I think I must have one too!