Frankie's Pants

Frankie got a new pair of seersucker pants to go with his Saltwater sandals (Phoebe's hand-me-downs).

Having made several pairs of toddler pants and shorts, I have found that I prefer ones that have only an inner seam - no side seams. To do this, I take a pant pattern of my choice (here I'm using Simplicity 9786). Place the pant front pattern on the fabric fold and cut.
Cut out the pattern twice (only using the pant front pattern piece) on the fold. Here is what you get. Now, sew up the inner leg seams.
Sew the pant legs together. This requires a little trick of turning one leg right side out and the other leg wrong side out. Now, put the leg that is wrong side out into the right side out leg. Match the seams and sew around. This sounds complicated, but when you do it, it's not. I tried to take a picture, but it just doesn't photograph well...sorry.
Hem the legs, make a casing for elastic at the waist and you have a pair of simple, comfy pants just right for making silly faces in.


izziwizzi said...

Super cute pants! I was just wondering if i misunderstood? did you mean you only use the front pattern piece and don't use the back leg pattern piece one at all? Thx carol

Amie Plumley said...

No, you got it right - just use the front pattern piece and NOT the back one. These make cute pants for toddlers. I don't know if I would make pants like these past age 5, but it's fun while it lasts!