Recycled Card Ornament

After examining a little ornament I received from last year's Crafty Crow Ornament Swap, Maeve figured out how to make one herself.

I caught her already in progress, but here are the basic steps:

Materials needed: old card, scissors, hole punch, 2 brads.

Step 1: Cut cover of old Christmas card into strips. Punch a hole at each end. There is no magic number for how many strips you need, but the more you have, the fuller the ornament.

Step 2: To make a little hanger, fold a strip in half and put the brad though both ends to make a loop.

Step 3: Put the brad that has the hanger on it through the holes on the top of the strips. Now, put the other brad through the holes on the bottom of the strips.

Step 4: This is magic! Carefully spread the strips apart and a ball will appear.
Step 5: Hang it on your tree.

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