Quick Pickles

Andria and I try to do some canning together every year. We haven't gotten to it yet, though. Last week, I found myself with a bumper crop of cucumbers while Andria was in Portland visiting friends.

So, I decided to whip up a batch of refrigerator pickles using this recipe that I had clipped from a 1999 issue of Martha Stewart. (It's nice to know the recipe was finally used.)

They are super easy, quick, and most importantly, yummy! If you are short on time or not sure of canning, I highly recommend trying these. I followed it pretty much to the T. I did cut my cucumbers into round slices instead of chunks and I don't think I had enough dill. Also, when I transferred everything into jars, the "juice" didn't fill up the jars. It was OK though.

While we won't have pickles in the middle of winter, it doesn't matter because we're enjoying them now!

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