Cooking in the Classroom - Fish Food

Yum....Fish Food

This week we had our first activity in the Bug Cafe. I wanted it to be something that the kids could do independently, but also be a good introduction to the cooking center. Since our Science Lab theme is about the ocean, I decided on a mix dubbed "Fish Food." It was a big hit!

I wrote out the measurements for each ingredient on an index card. The kids found the correct measuring tool and put it in their baggie. I also made a recipe card to take home.

Make it too - it's actually quite yummy. The recipe is for 1 serving.

Fish Food
1 Tablespoon Goldfish crackers
1 Tablespoon Raisins
1 teaspoon chocolate chips
1/4 cup pretzels

Step 1: Mix.
Step 2: Eat!


Pink & Green Mama said...

We had this same mix minus the chocolate as e's bedtime snack when she was little but we called it turtle food!! : )

Faige said...

I love how you write out the simple recipes and directions for the kids to follow. You can do recipes for the kids with all cooking and even art activities.
Its a great reading activity, one that I've used alot with making playdough, art cookies and cooking