Pink and Tomatoes

The power of pink.

Phoebe has shown only a mild interest in Legos...until now. She found the box of pink Legos I got for my classroom and immediately went to work. We may have to get a set for our house too.

Tomato Tip.
Looking for something to tie up my drooping tomato plants, I thought of the little cotton loops used for making pot holders. Just loop around the stake and tomato stem and pull tight. So far, it's working like a charm and adds a splash of color to the garden.

I also wanted to share a new blog I discovered today via a comment on Sewing School (I love it when that happens). Take a look at Rae Gun Ramblings and while you're there, put your name in the hat for a great Japanese fabric giveaway. She also has a great etsy store with the cutest kids clothes in even cuter fabric.

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Anonymous said...

When I cut the selvages off of material, I hang them on a hook in my sewing room..I use them every year to tie up tomatoes, or flowers! It also adds a little touch of color to the garden!