"Mama, I Want to Sew!"

Sometimes Phoebe says the sweetest things. "Mama, can I sew some princesses?" Well, of course you can!

She drew a princess picture on muslin using fabric pastels. I love these things! (That's Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella in case you were wondering.) After setting the colors with an iron, we picked a pretty pink fabric for the back and got to sewing.

Phoebe has a lot of beginning sewing skills from doing lacing cards and sewing on a big embroidery hoop. This time, she got to use a sharp needle and pick out the thread colors (pink and purple, of course!). To help her sew, I held the fabric taut in small sections while she sewed a running stitch. I tried to take pictures of this process, but you can imagine how that didn't work out. Anyway, she stuffed it herself and we sewed it closed.

As you can tell from the picture, she was very excited. The pillow is sitting on her bed.


Wendi said...

That is very sweet!! I love it when my girls ask me if they can sew.:)

pucktricks said...

What a great idea. Of course I could tell who it was. The dresses were a dead giveaway.