Herby Salad

If you garden, chances are you also grow a variety of herbs. I love watching them grow and using them while cooking, but at some point, I'm wondering what I'm going to do with them all. I mean, there's only so many uses for sage, lemon verbena, and chives. So, may I suggest, an herby salad - the perfect use for a variety of herbs and oh, so yummy! Each bite has a new flavor.
Basic Recipe:
*Start with a mix of salad greens (lettuce, mescalin, etc)
*Go out and cut a variety of herbs - don't be afraid, add them all! My salad has everything from rosemary to mint to basil
*Wash and snip your herbs. I cut the larger leaves with kitchen scissors and leave the small leaves intact.
*Mix the herbs and salad greens together.
*Add your favorite vinaigrette and some yummy cheese.

I made this recently for Andria's OSOME and the bowl was cleaned out - so I'm assuming it was liked by all. Hope you do too.

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