Quilts and pillowcases, oh my!

Brr, it's still cold outside - at least here in Memphis!

Good thing I have lots of quilts on my bed to cover up at night.

My favorite is a replica of a Gee's Bend quilt. It looks a lot like the quilts on display at the Brooks Museum's current exhibit, Pieced and Patterned: Southern Quilts, 1840-1940, which just opened last weekend.

I missed the opening because I went to visit my mama for Mardi Gras. She sent me home with a knitted blanket that someone had made for my doll's bed when I was a little girl. I remember the red and white stripes vividly, and when my mama gave it to me, all these memories of playtime came flooding into my mind...

I bet your doll could use a new pillowcase and quilt to keep her warm.

The recycling craft blog Fun in the Making has great patterns for making both projects here and here.

The best part about making a quilt is that you can recycle all those little scraps of fabric that are too small for anything else.

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Dee Light said...

Isn't it fun when little objects from our childhoods bring back memories of fun and play!

Thanks for the doll quilt idea. My little guy has been learning about the letter Q and we've been doing quilt projects, we will have to do this (I guess I would be doing most of it, he's only 3).