I Heart Little Red Riding Hood

First, I fell in love with this Japanese fairytale fabric imported by Portland, OR mail order haven Superbuzzy. It's such an adorable pattern that Amie used a yard or so to whip up some of the Crayons A Go Go kits she sold last year at the Cooper-Young Festival. This cotton print comes with red, pink, or ivory backgrounds; Superbuzzy also has a Riding Hood canvas print that's a little more cartoonish, which you can view here.

Then I discovered this super-cute drinking glass, now on sale at Urban Outfitters for $2.99. What little girl (okay, 39-year old woman) can resist?

All this blogging about Little Red Riding Hood also reminds me of the doll my mama bought me when I was about 8, when we lived in South Louisiana. She found a mass-produced 3-in-1 doll that has Riding Hood on one end; flip the doll over, and discover Grandmother and the Big Bad Wolf, who are hiding underneath. I wasn't as intrigued with dolls as I was with my stuffed animal collection, but this particular toy kept me busy for hours and hours. If you're curious about what the doll looks like (I still have it!), here's a link to a very similar toy, called a Topsy-Turvy doll. My circa-1970s version is the Dippity Flip.

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Team Plumley said...

Oh my! I had the very same doll! I've looked all over my parents' house for it with no luck. I may have to snag myself this one for Phoebe!