Sew a Softie Pop Up

In honor of Sew a Softie Month, we took our Pineapple Softie project on the road and hosted a little sewing pop up at our school's camp.  Every day, they have an hour lunch break to eat, socialize, and play.  The campers were so excited when Frank and I showed up with a big bag full of sewing supplies!  They immediately gathered around the table and began to make the most creative Pineapple Softies ever!

Why pineapples?  This year, the camp's theme is pineapples, which represents summer, but also is a welcoming symbol.  Pineapples are everywhere at camp.  Well, I love a good theme, so I went all out with it!

The set-up with simple.  I precut the yellow felt into chunks a little larger than the pineapple pattern and cut the green felt to size.  I made about 10 pineapple patterns for tracing.  I also pre-threaded about 20 needles and gathered up a basket of scissors and chalk.  Nearby, I put a stuffing station and had a hot glue gun for adding googly eyes. We also had Sharpies for decorating.  After laying it all out on the table, the kids got to work!

While many campers have sewn with me before, we had several first-timers. Never fear, Frank, Sew a Softie Kid Ambassador, was on hand to help out and offer advice (as well as lots of jokes).  

Once again, the kids' creativity was amazing!  I love all the silly Pineapple Softie personalities they came up with!

Happy Sew a Softie Month!  Try taking your sewing project on the road and sharing the love of sewing with kids.


trixi said...

What fun idea to have a pop up sewing workshop at your school camp. I love your idea of just taking your sewing project on the road and just sharing sewing with kids as you go !! It's so amazing how far Sew a Softie could go.Please thank Frank again for being so amazing :)

trixi said...

What a great idea to have a Sew a Softie pop up at your school camp. What lucky kids and I love their pineapples. an i love the idea of taking sew a Softie on the road. You and Frank are an awesome team!!