Pretend Sleepover

A friend just had the best birthday party for her newly turned 7 year old and since she doesn't have a blog, I thought I'd share her ideas with you.  Instead of having a big sleepover, she hosted a pretend sleepover where the kids arrived in PJ's and stayed until bedtime.  Of course, several crafts were involved as well!
The girls stitched up the Sweet Dreams Mask from Sewing School.  I love the way she has the sewing table set-up.  Several patterns, materials in easy reach, and examples to get the kids started.
Sewing the masks.  Big sister patiently helps out.
The birthday girl putting on some finishing touches.
On to more crafts!  I love how the Sweet Dreams Mask has become a fun accessory.  Those pompoms are perfect!
Another great idea was to decorate white pillowcases with fabric markers.  To dress up the pillow cases, cute ribbon and bows were added first.

You know this party makes me smile.  When we designed the Sweet Dreams Mask project in Sewing School, Andria and I were envisioning kids sewing them up for a sleepover.  So fun to see it really happen!

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