Temporary Clothesline

 In the summer, a clothesline is essential, don't you think? Sometimes you don't want it up all the time, though.  Like at the cabin.  We only need it while we're there. I don't want it to get all cobwebby and gross.

Eric fashioned a temporary clothesline for us to use on our weekends up there.  Going swimming at least twice a day, it made drying our wet suits much nicer.
You can make one anywhere.  Here's what he did.

Put in 2 eyes on each end where you wanted the line to run.  Then, tie each end of the clothesline to a clasp hook.  We have no clue what they are called, but you can see it in the picture above.  The trick is to get the line tight, so you tie one end on and hook it to the eye.  Then run it the length of the clothesline then tie the other end so it's taut.
When you are finished with it, you just unhook the line and roll it up.  Easy peasy.

Thanks, honey!

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kristin said...

i L O V E this idea for the cabin...thanks for the great idea. and i love your cabin by the way...so nice to have a special retreat to escape to. good luck getting ready for back-to-school! xx